For the effective solutions in cargo shipping, you can now rely on one of the best in the industry with over a decade's experience in the field. With a vision to offer a competitive advantage to our customers' operations, DNX Cargo is equipped with the most efficient and cost-effective surface transportation solutions for various industries ensuring seamless service delivery. With an in-depth understanding of all the nitty-gritty in cargo shipping business and an innovative approach towards addressing our customers' various needs, DNX Cargo today is a preferred partner in managing the supply chain of number of companies across industries.

What we Serve


Refrigerated truck service to ensure safe and fast delivery of perishable goods including insulin, medicine, vaccine and other cold chain products. These products are also shipped by air.


In spite of consumption points being spread across vast geographical areas, supply lines must still be seamlessly connected to meet assembly-line requirements across time.


With the deep penetration in rural Maharashtra where urgent deliveries are the norm, we serve almost all the handset manufacturers and mobile service providers.

Our Service Goals

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