Industrial Specialization

Industry Specialization

Whether you need components from the high-tech sector, industrial complexes or large packages – no item is too heavy for us. We offer you transport solutions at home and abroad for lightweight or heavy-duty consignments and ensure that your goods are handled professionally. You can also benefit from our value-added services such as customs clearance and document logistics.
The standards within our portfolio of services are dominated by our high degree of responsibility towards people, who require pharmaceutical products or medical engineering equipment. We comply with the statutory requirements of national markets when we act as a specialist partner and take over the tasks assigned to us by industry with the necessary expertise and care along the complete supply chain. Our temperature-controlled transport services ensure that the cold chain for special products is maintained and the goods reach the next point in the production and supply process with the necessary quality. Biological Samples DNX Cargo are one of the leaders in the collection and delivery of biological samples, clinical trial shipments,Cord Blood & Stem Cells and patient samples. We know that that the collection, temperature-controlled stability, packaging and safe, timely delivery of your consignments are crucial throughout clinical research studies and use of commercial products. DNX Cargo has a proven track record as one of the best clinical trial shipper with a higher than 99% on-time performance metric for effective and satisfied delivery of clinical trials shipments. Our logistics experts proactively track your clinical trial shipment using state-of-the-art logistics systems and ensure the collection, packaging, handling, customs clearance, and the safe and secure delivery of your consignments. Whether to or from city centre investigator sites, or remote locations in difficult clinical trials hotspots, DNX Cargo will collect and deliver clinical trial materials, biological samples and commercial products on time, every time, at the required temperature and in peak condition. Key aspects of our biological sample and clinical trial shipment services include: Industry experts at point of pickup and delivery Provision of IATA compliant packaging Temperature controlled delivery Highest standards of professional handling
Manufacturers of consumer goods focus on having a competitive price and paying attention to product development and implementation. Many upstream and downstream tasks can be transferred to a specialist services provider by means of a logistics partnership arrangement. This means that you have more room for manoeuvre to focus on your core business. Based on our huge range of services, we can enable you to successfully produce and distribute your goods so that they are ready for sale to final customers at retail outlets quickly, reliably and in an attractive form.
Logistics for transporting vehicles from manufacturers to the dealers in the destination areas requires maximum reliability and safety, as well as an adequate network. DNX Cargo makes use of our inter transport solutions, whether by truck, rail, or air. We can manage extensive sourcing concepts without any problems and guarantee services ranging from just-in-time deliveries at the production line to regional freight forwarding.
Whether your focus is on healthcare equipment, government systems, network security, communications, mobility or embedded applications, our state-of-the-art computer system distribution centers in the Maharashtra and major parts of South and West India have the proven experience to meet your logistics needs and accelerate your time to market.
The publishing industry changes on a daily, even hourly, basis, which presents a unique set of challenges for supply chain professionals. Thousands of titles, short shelf life, multiple languages and unexpected peaks in demand are just a few of the issues you have to handle. Our expertise in publishing and media logistics combined with our rigorous process-driven approach give you reliable cost-effective distribution solutions for live news, books, periodicals, magazines, print inserts, point of sale collateral and other printed material. Our shared networks across micro locations and multi-modal capability, supported by integrated systems, provide you with a reliable and flexible supply chain makes us the market leaders in publishing and media logistics for the newspaper, book, printing, stationery, paper and packaging industries.
With the deep penetration in rural Maharashtra where urgent deliveries are the norm, the pulsating communication industry relies on us. In Maharashtra, we serve almost all the handset manufacturers and mobile service providers. Identifying the vast reach of mobile network in remote areas, DNX has built its strong presence in these areas.