We Serve

We Serve

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Logistics

DNX Cargo has extensive experience in providing logistic services for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and other health care products, our services and solutions can be relied upon to meet even the most demanding needs.

Narcotics, plasma and other perishable pharmaceuticals require special care and handling. With its special Cold Chain Management service, DNX Cargo manages the pharmaceutical supply chain from start to finish. We can maintain temperature ranges with deep cold, room temperature or the desired 2-8 degrees Celsius and provide temperature monitoring with recorded readings. We can also validate various transportation modes and provide standardized and customized operating procedures to suit your needs.

We have a proven healthcare track record and we will partner with you to meet your industry-specific challenges and reduce costs by optimizing the supply chain.

Automotive: Logistics with Precision

We take immense pleasure and satisfaction in presenting ourselves as one of the leading transportation service providers for over 10 years now. With a track record of excellent service and highest customer satisfaction levels, we have been ever increasing our efficiency and introducing newer concepts and services to serve our clients better and faster. We offer a broad portfolio of services including Road services all over Maharashtra and South and West India and we have Air Cargo for PAN India. Our expertise also includes providing a comprehensive and tailor-made solutions to meet the relocation needs of corporate and residential clients.
We have made a strong repute for impeccable freight logistics services in Maharashtra and the West and South India, which is characterized by Timeliness, Flexibility, Swiftness, Safety and Reliability.

Increasing requirements

The innovation cycles in the automobile industry are becoming shorter and shorter while final customers demands are increasing all the time. Logistics for automobile manufacturers is a textbook example because of the efficiency that it creates original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and logistics specialists work hand in hand to produce vehicles.


Regional freight forwarding

We can offer you the latest transport solutions in the field of automobile logistics. With us you have the entire know-how of a specialist by road and rail in Maharashtra and by inter air – ranging from extensive procurement concepts or just-in-time deliveries at assembly lines to regional freight forwarding or from production control or pre-assembly work to managing empties. Based on this experience we are your partner for every challenge that the sector presents to automobile manufacturers and suppliers.


Safeguarding expertise

The highly complex logistics chains in the automobile sector require proper documentation. We offer this to automobile manufacturers and suppliers. We not only safeguard design plans for the statutory storage periods but also destroy customer documents that are no longer required.