DNX Specialization

At DNX, we strive to be the best and most widely reached network in Maharashtra. Our exceptional network covers 1500+ serviceable and ODA pin codes in the state. So, no matter where you want your cargo to be delivered, our coverage will make it possible. We have been delivering to 436+ locations, including major and micro towns across the state and continuously increase our network capabilities with every passing day.

We’re dedicated to the ‘just in time’ concept for time-critical and time and temperature critical shipments and make it possible with our air freight services.

Think logistics in Maharashtra, Think DNX!

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Surface Express Cargo

DNX Specialization

Our road freight services are efficient and reliable to send your shipments via trucks or our fleet of vehicles. We can offer a comprehensive package based on your requirements and ensure fast delivery of your cargo anywhere in Maharashtra. Irrespective of the size of your shipment, our team offers the best-possible logistics solution within your budget.

With door-to-door pick-up and delivery services, you can be assured of a safe and simple transaction with our team. The advanced tracking facility always keeps you updated about your package while our smart team takes care to deliver it before time!

Backed by our exceptional infrastructure, highest standard of business ethics, and technology resources, we use our network to provide the best service for 100% customer satisfaction.

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Air Express Cargo

Time Critical Shipments

On-time, Every Time

We understand the importance of delivering certain shipments on time, when there’s a strict deadline. Whether it’s important business documents, parcels, or products, we’re a leading provider of time-critical air freight services.

We work round the clock to facilitate urgent shipments like goods, merchandise and industrial components anywhere in Maharashtra. Our network with airlines ensures that we can eliminate and minimize any delays proactively and ensure a safe and secure delivery.

We go the extra mile for our customers’ satisfaction.


Risk-free Transport, Stress-free Customers


DNX specializes in the storage, preservation and transportation of time and temperature critical shipments in Maharashtra. Whether it is food products, pharmaceutical drugs or any chemicals required for industrial manufacturing, we prioritize your freight temperature and value and take utmost care to deliver it as per your requirements.

Our tailored logistics approach also works perfectly for high-value products and ensures that you never have to incur a loss due to perishable goods.

Our packaging tools, technological advancements, and a team of experts work together to handle all your time and temperature critical shipments. Our tracking insights also offer complete peace of mind at all times.

B to C - E-commerce Cargo

Delighting Shoppers Every Day

Online shoppers have made e-commerce a highly customer-centric business and have rapidly increased the demand for cargo shipping. With customers shopping from millions of sites and tough competition in the e-commerce marketplace, businesses must be able to deliver with reliability, agility, and transparency. Speed is essential in such cases and at DNX, we make it our priority for e-commerce clients. We ensure complete visibility with our tracking services for your customers and keep speed as our highest feature along with trust. By using air freight services, our team delivers your packages all over Maharashtra to meet the ever-evolving needs of your shoppers. Let your customers keep shopping, we’ll keep shipping!